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GPS Trackers and Communicators for Kids

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Global Tracking straight to your phone. Giving you peace of mind no matter how far away you are.

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Call your Nexum devices anytime directly from the app. Your child is always just one call away.

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The Nexum series are primarily global tracking and navigation devices that work without a phone.


Nexum devices can handle outgoing and incoming calls . Only pre-defined contacts will be allowed to call the device


Custom alerts and notifications delivered to your phone. Decide what events are important and receive instant alerts when they occur




Each device needs a subscription plan for the data that it'll use. This can be done either as a pay-as-you-go plan, or a monthly/yearly prepaid plan. Note that this is only for calling/messaging. GPS location data and SOS is free.



minimizeFlexible plan that only charges you based on the data you use.

minimizeCan be stopped and restarted at any time with no additional costs.

minimizeYou'll never need to worry if you have enough data.

To save you money, your account is billed as a whole instead of per device. This means that your data quota is spread to all your nexum devices ensuring that you don't get overcharged for unused data.

***First Month of Data is FREE***

Bundle Deals

Two Mini's

Two of our most discrete bracelet trackers, the perfect bundle to start off with.


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Two Nexum's

Two Nexum's at a great price. Get it while you can.


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1 Mini (Bracelet) + 1 Slim

Good mix of features to have, includes 1 slim with calling features and 1 nexum.


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Beta Tester Reviews

"This is great because I wanted to get a phone for my son, but didn't want to get him a smartphone. I could've gotten him the old brick phones, but they're so bulky and heavy that I thought it would be hard for him to carry around. This is such a nice alternative because it's right in the middle. It's high tech enough that I get the functionality I need, without going overboard." (Nexum Slim)

"I just wanted something to give me peace of mind. I'm a single mum who's always on the move, so any extra bit of security and reasurrance is welcome. I actually didn't see the need at first because my daughter has a phone, but considering it's always in her bag, I'ts great that I can rely on a bracelet that's always on her." (Nexum)

"It's a nice alternative if you don't want your child to be exposed to social media and the internet at a really young age. I really like that it does the main job that we wanted, which was to make and receive calls and texts. We really don't want to expose our son to everything on the internet just yet, and this gave us what we were looking for." (Nexum Slim)

"Most of the other types of these products are really bulky, and this definately broke the mold. Nice and slick, and something my boy didn't mind wearing at all. The messaging features are great because I can choose either to send a text message or an audio one." (Nexum Mini)

"I was really surprised that something so small is able to allow my kids to communicate with me and my wife. It's especially helpful in our case since we both work, and our schedules don't always sync up. Can't wait until the full release." (Nexum)

"I wish I got this for my older daughter. She's a little too old now for this, but for my younger one this would be perfect. The colors are nice and it looks stylish enough." (Nexum Mini)


question_markWhat do these devices do?

These devices track your child's location and transmit it directly to your phone. You are also able to contact the devices directly from our app. There's even a navigation feature which can be used by your child if they get lost.

question_markDoes my child need a smartphone to pair the devices with?

Nope! All features are completely contained inside the devices themselves. They're like portable trackers and phones, all in one small package.

question_markIs there a subscription needed?

Yes. You do need to purchase a subscription from us, however we charge you based on the amount of data you use. This is more flexible and means you won't be charged for data that you're not using.

question_markCan the devices be called by any number?

No. The devices cannot be conventionally called from a phone, only directly from the app. Secondly, only allowed users can call the devices from the app.

question_markWhat's the battery life?

They should last for about 1-2 weeks (Nexum slim can last up to 1 month) if your'e just tracking, but calling lightly. However if your intensively using the messaging or calling functionality, the battery life will decrease.

question_markCan I request a refund?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day refund policy. This means that you can get a refund (no questions asked) anytime until a month after your order is delivered to you. Just contact us at: to begin the process.